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Combi deal

Combi deal

30% discount!
Can't choose? Check out this Combi deal!

How do I know what I like?

Are you in doubt whether you will need or use attributes? Can’t you choose? This is very understandable. How do you know what you will like. The birthing process always requires flexibility. In fact, nobody knows exactly what nature has in mind for you. Giving birth is all about feeling safe, warm, secure and loved. This I can tell you:

“The more comfortable your body feels, the more efficiently YOU can give birth!”

It’s up to you to think about how you want to support yourself. If you have not given birth before, it is often a mystery how it will feel and what you would be comfortable with. Maybe it helps to think about what you like when you experience physical discomfort. For example, during your periods? Or think about what helps you physically to relax completely?

  • What do you like to wear?
  • What space do you like to be in?
  • What do you hear?
  • What do you smell?
  • What do you feel? Warm, cold?
  • Who is with you?
  • Do you like to be touched?

My motto is: “without options, no choice.” So discuss carefully with the midwife or hospital what support options they offer (and when they are available) and explore what you can arrange yourself.

Allow yourself options

When you travel, you often make a packing list for various weather conditions. Some people leave under the guise of “we’ll see” and accept the possible risk of a wet suit. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, but if that’s not your cup of tea, it is wise to think about what you would like to take with you. Unfortunately, you can’t get any guarantees, but good preparation pays off.

The birthing process also has various “weather conditions” and you decide what you would like to take with you. The medical care provider is already in the pocket as are various ‘travel books’. Now it comes down to comfort. Where for a trip you think about hiking boots or flip-flops, raincoat or no coat etc. For the day of birth you will be allowed to think about attributes that contribute to a relaxed and comfortable body.

For example, a nice playlist, soft nightgown and thus the use of support resources. Once the uterus starts moving, a woman will look for a comfortable position.

Giving birth = Moving around! In your body, in your home and (possibly) to the hospital. But also moving to and from different positions (using various support resources). The CUB birthing stool is ideal for both home and hospital. You can easily take it with you (empty). You use the birthing bath at 1 location (often at home). No need to choose. Allow yourself options!

My motto is: "without options, no choice."

Benefits COMBI deal


  • Minimum 3 full weeks
  • Automatic renewal
    (up to 3 weeks after your due date) 

I recommend to lease the COMBI deal starting at week 37 of the pregnancy.

  • € 187,50 for 3 full weeks, including:
    • 30% discount on CUB
    • Bath package (a €85) 
  • Extension: € 35 per week.

If the baby is not yet born before the end of the lease period, the lease period will automatically be extended to a maximum of 3 weeks after the due date.

The COMBI deal comes with all supplies for the Birth pool as described here

  • A deposit of € 200 is charged for each lease period.

  • You will receive the deposit back on your bankaccount after a clean and timely return of the Birthpool & CUB

  • Any renewal fees will be deducted from the deposit.  

Cancellation is only possible for valid medical reasons by means of a written statement from the midwife or gynecologist.

  • Before the start of the lease period you will receive the lease sum minus € 25,- administration costs.

  • After the start of the lease period (or without valid reason), no reimbursement will be made.

  • However, you can claim reimbursement if the bath package has not been used (see below).

  • The deposit is always refunded according to the lease agreement

Read more in the lease agreement.

If the birthpool has not been used, for whatever reason, and the bath package (including the personal hygienic cover and floor cover) are unopened and not used.

Then you will receive € 30 return of the lease.

  • View the lease agreement for the CUB here
  • View the lease agreement for the Birthpool and Bath package here.

Lease your Birth pool & CUB now

Lease your Birthpool & CUB now