Corona information

Corona information

Let us together ensure a safe environment

During the strict lockdown, all group courses will be offered online.
A private course is physically possible during the lockdown

Group course online

A physical group course is not allowed during the strict lockdown. Therefore, all group courses will be offered ONLINE during this period. I have gained a lot of experience with online courses the past months. Your optimal birth preparation is my main focus. There is no difference in the program and a big advantage of the online classes, is your own comfortable sofa or chair during the relaxation exercises;).

For the online group course I use the ZOOM application.

Private courses at home

During the strict lockdown, a physically private course at home is possible under strict conditions (see below). We will fine-tune this together with an eye for everyone's health.

Conditions physical course

- You or your partner have no symptoms related to corona
- You or your partner are not awaiting a test result
- You or your partner have not been in contact with a positive person
- You wash your hands upon entering
- You wear a mouth mask until you sit in your chair
- You respect the 1.5 meter distance with other participants

Please contact me directly (by telephone) if you or your partner cannot meet these conditions.

Release of restrictions, now what?

BellyBuddy follows government measures. As soon as the government allows it again to physically meet with a group of people inside, the group courses will be resumed physically as soon as possible.

However, a number of strict conditions apply (see above). If someone within the group cannot meet these conditions, the entire group will be offered the course ONLINE at the agreed time.

During the classes you'll do all the exercises individually or together with your partner. The location I use is suitable for the maximum number of participants.

Have a look at my services

Have a look at my services

Get in contact

I look forward to meeting you and would love to tell you more about my services!
You can register for a course or CUB rental by filling in the registration form. You can find this form on the page of my services.
Please fill out the contact form for all your other questions and I will contact you as soon as possible.
You are, of course, free to call me at any time. I will do my best to respond within 24 hours.