Rent your CUB

Rent your CUB

What is the CUB

The CUB is short for Comfortable Upright Birth and designed by Cass McNamara, a midwife from the UK. The CUB It is a comfortable, versatile, inflatable support designed to help mothers adopt and maintain positions that are physically the most helpful for them and their babies during labour and birth.

How does it work?

The CUB consists of two separate rooms that are inflatable in a matter of seconds with the supplied electric pump. Each room is divided into compartments, making the CUB very sturdy and stable and allowing you to adopt different positions. This way the mother can actively seek out and try out the posture that feels most comfortable for her at that moment.

The CUB's design enables the baby to be born while the mother is sitting (like on a birth stool) because of the small gap that gives enough space for the baby to pass. In addition, the air-filled chambers ensure that the woman's pelvis can open to the maximum. But most of all the CUB is one of the options that work best for you during pregnancy and labor because the small (soft) gap is perfectly shaped around the pregnant belly supporting the mothers body completely while standing upright.

Why would I like to use the CUB?

During the childbirth process, every woman will seek for the most comfortable position. It often changes from standing, sitting, lying or hanging. These movements of the body contribute to an optimal course of the birth process. For centuries women gave birth to their children and traditionally women always did that vertically. This is the most logical and natural attitude for both the woman and the baby. The image of lying on a bed on the back arose because doctors have the best view of the birth process in this position. In some situations this position is also desirable, but as long as there is no reason for this, it is best for the woman to adopt a different comfortable position.

The CUB is an extremely suitable tool to be vertical during the entire birth process, for both the contractions and the actual birth.

How you can use the CUB

"For centuries women gave birth to their children and traditionally women choose to be vertically."

Benefits of the CUB

  • At any time, you don't have to wait for the midwife or arriving in the hospital
  • Sturdy and stable, it doens't rol away like a ball
  • You choose the right seat height
  • Inflatable and deflatable in a matter of seconds
  • Easy to take with you (to the hospital or birth centre)
  • Can also be used on the bed to give birth vertically
  • To be used in the shower
  • Easy to clean with just water and soap
  • Nice extra seat for your partner if you are not using the CUB yourself

Rent your CUB

  • Minimum 3 full weeks
  • Automatic renewal
    (up to 3 weeks after the due date) 
  • Renting is always per full week

I recommend to rent the CUB during the calculated period, starting at week 37 of the pregnancy.

  • € 55,- for 3 full weeks
  • If the baby is not yet born, the rental period will be automatically extended by full weeks for € 10 per week.
  • Up to the maximum of 3 weeks after the due date

A deposit of €80,- is charged for each rental period, which you will receive back after a clean and timely return from the CUB.

View here the rental conditions 

I recommend to rent the CUB during the calculated period, starting at week 37 of the pregnancy.

Rent your own CUB

Rent your own CUB

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