One-day Birth Journey

One-day Birth Journey

With respect to everyone's health

During the strict lockdown, all group courses will take place online *

Would you rather take a physical course?
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* see Corona information at ‘Prices’

I will take you by the hand and lead you through the highlights of childbirth. I will show you how the body of a woman is perfectly designed to cope with childbirth; from the uterus muscle, the pelvis up to and including hormones, but also discussing the role of the nervous system, the fear/pain/anxiety syndrome and what you can expect from your baby, partner and health care providers during childbirth. Giving birth is a collaboration. In order to be able to collaborate properly, you have to know what to expect and what not to expect.

Do you dare to trust?

I am convinced that you do not need as much information about what could possibly happen, when you understand what labour entails, because then you can trust your body and know that you can 'guide' the process yourself. The thought of 'what if' will move to the background and you will focus on what is actually happening. You will allow the process to take over, despite how scary and new it might be.

The importance of a support system

Giving birth is a collaboration. As a woman, you feel the intensity of the contractions increase and you will have to find a way to let your body do its job. As (birth) partner, you fulfil a supporting role. Without your presence and support, a woman might feel lonely and lost. You can compare it to a boat out at sea navigating by the light of a lighthouse. No matter how calm or rough the sea might get, the lighthouse will keep shining its light to help the captain navigate his way.

What will you learn during the One-day Birth Journey?

With the help of some beautiful images, I will show you how amazing a woman’s body is when it comes to giving birth. Nature has thought of everything – even the smallest detail. I will happily show you which gifts your body has in store for you.

Giving birth is not only a physical act, but also an emotional one and is directly related to your thoughts about birth. What is known about the relation between your thoughts and how they influence the physical act of giving birth? Can you ‘guide’ the process with your own thoughts? 

Each woman needs support during the childbirth process. A professional who protects and guards the natural process, but above all, someone who is there for her every step of the way and who gives her confidence and helps navigate her way. 

As (birth) partner, you are a crucial part of the process of childbirth. However, this role might feel slightly uncomfortable. I will give you practical tips you can use, like massage and breathing exercises through which you can support her and be her confidant. 

Each birth is unique and cannot be predicted beforehand. The process requires that you let go. On the one hand, you need to physically ‘let go’ of your baby, and on the other, you need to let go of expectations and other limiting thoughts. How do you do that? We will discuss the secret of being able to ‘look back’ on a wonderful childbirth experience. 

“You will have faith, you will lose faith
and you will regain faith”

Practical information

The one-day journey through the process of childbirth is a one-time session of 4 hours. You will take this course together with your (birth) partner. You can take this course at any point in time during your pregnancy, but we advise to at least be 25 weeks pregnant.

Would you like to go deeper into your preparation, after taking the one-day journey? No problem! Browse the possibilities under Your BellyBuddy for an individual consult or the BellyBuddy online package.

The course is partially compensated by your insurance. Contact your insurance for more information.


  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Group course 
    €149,- per couple

  • Privat course
    €299,- per couple
  • €149,- per couple
  • maximum 4-6 couples
  • Location: Yoga-Loft 
    Zijlbaan 42a, Leiderdorp
  • €299,- per couple
  • At your home
  • Date and time in consultation

Real life course:
9am – 1pm

Online course:
10am – 15pm (including 1 hour lunchbreak)

Upcoming group course*

  • Saturday Februari 6th
  • Saturday March 13th
  • Saturday May 8th
* During the lockdown all group courses will be online. Only with national relaxation will group lessons be physically possible under strict conditions.

A private course is physically possible during the lockdown
[see corona information]

Strict lockdown

Group course

A physical group course is not allowed during the strict lockdown. Therefore, all group courses will be offered ONLINE during this period.

I have now gained a lot of experience with online courses, where your preparation for the birth is central. There is no difference in the program and a big advantage is your own comfortable sofa or chair during the relaxation exercises ;).

Private course

During the strict lockdown, a private course at home is possible under strict conditions (see below). We will fine-tune this together with an eye for everyone’s health. 

National relaxation and now what?

As soon as the national relaxation goes back to the rule ‘less than 30 people inside at 1.5 meters distance’, it is allowed again to physically give a group course.

A number of strict conditions are applied:


– You or your partner have no symptoms related to corona
– You or your partner are not awaiting a test result
– You or your partner have not been in contact with a positive person
– You and your partner wear a mouth mask until you are on your chair (also during breaks or toilet visits)
– You wash your hands upon entering
– You respect the 1.5 meter distance with other participants


If someone within the group cannot meet these conditions, the entire group will be offered the course ONLINE at the agreed time.


The space I use is suitable for a maximum of 6 couples. The exercises will be done individually or together with your partner.


Let us together ensure a safe environment and report it in time if you and / or your partner cannot meet the conditions.


[update 01-03-2021]

Heleen & Huib
Carying first child
We followed the One-day Birth Journey. Upon entering, Marieke immediately put us at ease and a relaxed atmosphere was created. In four hours Marieke took us into the different aspects of the birth: the physical aspects, the course and usefulness of the different phases, the role of the partner and practical tips and tools. Because Marieke has experience as a midwife, you notice that she has already seen everything and is not surprised by any question... read more

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