My Birth Philosophy

My Birth Philosophy

From the woman's perspective

Each woman is perfectly designed to go through the process of childbirth in collaboration with her unborn child and body. The woman's anatomy, as well as the baby's, adjusts to every change during pregnancy and birth in order to prepare for a smooth process of childbirth. This natural process is controlled by various hormones that each woman naturally possesses, but are subject to different (psychological) factors. From this point of view: each woman was made to carry, birth and feed a baby.

From the child's perspective

Each child can experience a soft and smooth birth and is entitled to be welcomed into a loving circle of people who exude confidence and are calm. Immediately after conception, the sense of touch is the first to develop. Even before a baby can see, hear, taste or smell, all impressions through 'touch/feeling' are processed and stored in the unconscious brain. The uterus can thus be considered to the baby's first nursery. During childbirth, each baby has to say goodbye to this protective environment and be welcomed into a different world where the parents are waiting for him/her.
"Every woman is perfectly designed to go through the birth process in collaboration with her unborn child and her body."

From the (birth) partner's perspective

Each (birth) partner is capable of supporting the woman during the physical and emotional process of giving birth. The natural protective instincts will ensure the creation of a safe and secure environment for the woman and baby. When the woman feels secure and supported, her natural birthing instincts will be activated. This instinct to protect comes forth from self-confidence and knowing how to take care of yourself and the woman during this natural process.

From nature's perspective

Pregnancy and childbirth are both natural processes; it creates something that will eventually lead to a child or not. Nature will take care of this selection. Everybody is striving for a healthy development and progression of the pregnancy and birth. It is my experience that no birth is the same, but they do follow a similar pattern. You could compare it to the changing of the seasons. Perhaps the process of childbirth will first be a rainy spring day, than linger in a stormy autumn day, or suddenly be exposed to the bright sunshine. Nature, with its many faces, has its place in any natural event, so the process of childbirth is no different.

From this point of view: many births have taken place in a 'natural' manner. Either supported by a professional when the process of childbirth hit foul weather or not. Because that is how it should be: a powerful woman who trusts her own perfectly designed body, that can adjust to anything and can ask for help from professionals whenever she needs it.

The art of childbirth

The art of childbirth is about adjusting and letting go. Adjusting is a natural process in your body; adjusting to any pain and letting go of expectations and limiting thoughts. The art of childbirth is not about accomplishing something, but experiencing something. Because no matter how the process will progress, eventually there will be a birth; that of the child and of a mother. From this point of view: each woman was made to carry, birth and feed a baby.

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