FREE Birth introduction

FREE Birth introduction

Join the FREE Birth Introduction at home via a LIVE STREAM

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I wish for every woman and (birth) partner to have a positive experience with childbirth.
What to expect from the Dutch childbirth healthcare system or the proces of giving birth?
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In a world where we are confronted with risks, insecurities and dramatic events on a daily basis, it is sometimes quite difficult to trust yourself, your body and believe in a happy ending. When you are afraid or unsure, you tend to revert to negative thoughts and the desire to limit risks as much as possible. Unfortunately, these feelings have an immense influence on the process of childbirth on an unconscious level. BUT, if negative feelings can influence the process, so can positive ones!

Positive Birth

During this free session, I will show you how you can work towards a Positive Childbirth. During a one-hour session, I will share my knowledge and vision with you, explain the Dutch healthcare system regarding childbirth and introduce to you what my prenatal classes can offer, so that you, too, can face your labour completely confident and with a positive outlook.
“If we change the way we view birth,
the way you give birth will change”
Marie Mongan

Practical information

The FREE Birth introduction is an online gathering in the comfort of your home. You are very welcome to attend with your (birth) partner and you can join us at any point in your pregnancy (best round week 25-30). You just need to register by pressing the sign up button.

The session will be held in English. Please consult the dates alongside.


  • FREE
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • English spoken
  • Online by ZOOM
  • Led by a former midwife

Dates & location

  • January 20, 2021

Time: 8 – 9 pm
Language: English

Online by ZOOM

You will receive a personal link within a week before the FREE session

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