MamaBuddy | support after maternity care

MamaBuddy | support after maternity care

Working as MamaBuddy, I will be there for you after the maternity nurse goes home and you are on your own two feet as a mother. Not every woman is completely at home in the role of being a mother and that is entirely understandable. Give yourself a companion in the form of a MamaBuddy!

Baby Bubble

As a new mother (and father), you are challenged by a lot of new things. Your world is standing still, full of love and new impressions. Your body is recovering from childbirth and the hormones that help establish the bond between mother and child and milk production are rushing through your body. You are probably filled with adrenaline, love, exhaustion, insecurities and unfamiliarity all at the same time. The so-called cloud nine often happens to include a vulnerable side - which is completely normal! And on the outside, the world is rumbling on...

At your most vulnerable

Fortunately, there is a maternity nurse right there with lots of knowledge and experience. You learn about your baby and yourself in your (new) role as a parent. But then the moment comes that the maternity nurse needs to say goodbye and your partner goes back to work. And all of a sudden, you are home alone with your baby and you are at your most vulnerable. What did you learned about food signals? Why does your baby cry so much? When can you shower or use the bathroom? Are you giving your baby enough love and attention? You want to be strong, but you are worn out due to lack of sleep. Everything costs so much energy and going outside seems like an impossible task. It is therefore extra important to enlist help in a timely manner.

Birth interview

In these hectic times, we sometimes forget to look back at how you experienced the birth process. Research shows that mothers (and fathers) who can look back on the birth process with a good feeling (without fear, shame or guilt) are better able to fulfill their role as parents and reduce the chance of psychological problems.

Telling or writing down your experience is a valuable start. Do you find it difficult to make time for this or do you not dare to look back so well? Then the Birth interview might be something for you.

Without judgment I will listen to your birth experience and if necessary I help you to understand your birth process and together we start processing any emotional "wounds".

MamaBuddy service

Some relaxation time for yourself
(like taking a shower or walk)
Advice and tips about the development of your baby and care regarding your baby.
Doing some little house chores
and making a nice meal.

Practical information

You and your baby are unique and deserve personalised care and attention. I would love to meet you in person. We can meet during your pregnancy, but also after the maternity nurse has already left. During an intake interview, we can discuss your needs and make a plan for the newborn period after childbirth. You decide how often and when. If you wish to get to know me better, you can request a free online introductory meeting.

The sessions might be partially compensated by your insurance. Contact your insurance for more information.


  • Free
  • via skype or videocall
  • 20 minutes
  • At your home
  • Usable for 2, 4 or 6 hours
  • Price in consultation*

  • Intake interview (90 min)
    At your home €99,-
    Videocall €75,-

The most chosen session is 4 hours, where there is plenty of time to talk and share your emotions and feeling while you nurse your baby or take some me-time. 

*Because no one family is the same, I always make a customized offer based on your wishes that we discuss during the intake interview.

  • At your home
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • € 125,-

Sharing an (intense) birth experience helps with the emotional and physical recovery of your body.

I will take the time to listen to your birth story without judgment. So you can become you again.

Micky's dad, first child
After the birth of our beautiful daughter it took some time getting used to our new life, because it was hard. We wondered if this was normal. This turned out not to be so, we had a ‘worry child’ to name it. Our daughter cried non-stop, did not sleep and also had reflux. This has totally exhausted both of us and I have even ended up in the Sickness Benefits Act. What else could we do to make our daughter happy??

Nothing seemed to help and after some searching and asking around, we came to Marieke. What a relief to have someone in the house who understands exactly what kind of questions we have. Marieke took the time to listen to us and see how we did everything. With very practical tips and a good demonstration... Read more

Get in contact

I look forward to meeting you and would love to tell you more about my services!
Would you like to book a free online introductory meeting via WhatsApp/Skype and/or register for a course or the BellyBuddy online package? Please fill out the contact form and I will contact you as soon as possible. You are, of course, free to call me at any time.
I will do my best to respond within 24 hours.