Refresher course

Refresher course

With respect to everyone's health

the Refresher course will take place LIVE under strict conditions*
otherwise we will meet ONLINE.

* see Corona information at ‘Prices’

Have you already given birth and do you feel like a complete pregnancy course would be too much? Would you only like to refresh your memory and perhaps learn some new relaxation techniques? During an individual refresher course, we will be reviewing your earlier experience(s) and look forward to the next time you will give birth; practical and with attention to the information that you need in order to feel fully prepared.

‘Being a mother’ - you already are!

Your previous experience with childbirth can influence you in such a way that you are not as 'passive' about it as the first time. You remember having contractions and you have felt how your body changes during labour. Or perhaps you have had a caesarean and are a mother, but have no experience with a vaginal birth. In any case, you have more experience than women who are about to become a mother for the first time. How can this work for you?

You might feel comforted by the fact that you have experience or you might be more worried because of the experience you had last time. Perhaps it was a positive experience or you might be hoping for a different one this time around. You might be a mother already, but each birth is a unique experience.

What we can discuss

How do you feel about your previous childbirth experience(s)? What did you like and what would you like to do differently this time? By reviewing your previous childbirth experience(s), we can assess your starting point for this labour process.

I will tell you the highlights of the things you need to know about labour. From the muscles in the uterus, the pelvis and the hormones, to how they perfectly work together and support you during childbirth.

Together we will practise various relaxation and breathing techniques that can help you during labour; very practical and compatible to your situation.

In order to be able to relax and allow your body to do its job, it might be nice to find a comfortable position. This position often changes during the process of childbirth. We will discuss the possible positions.

Perhaps you are missing something in this list that you would like to discuss. No problem! I will adapt to your needs so you have all the answers before giving birth.

"The birth of a child is also the birth of the mother.
She had not existed before. The woman yes, but the mother, no. That's something entirely new."

Practical information

The refresher course is a one-time individual session of three hours. You can take this course by yourself or together with your (birth) partner in the comfort of your own home. It might be wise to have someone watch the children, so you can be the main focus of attention. You can take this course at any point in time during your pregnancy.

Would you like to have some additional meetings after taking this refresher course? No problem! Browse the possibilities under Your BellyBuddy for an individual consult or the BellyBuddy online package.

The course or sessions might be partially compensated by your insurance. Contact your insurance for more information.


  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Individual session with a former midwife
  • At your home*
  • Price: €200,-
* online possible too

Strict lockdown

Private course

During the strict lockdown, a private course at home is possible under strict conditions. We will fine-tune this together with an eye for everyone’s health. 

– You or your partner have no symptoms related to corona

– You or your partner are not awaiting a test result
– You or your partner have not been in contact with a positive person
– You and your partner wear a mouth mask until you are on your chair (also during breaks or toilet visits)
– You wash your hands upon entering
– You respect the 1.5 meter distance 

If someone cannot meet these conditions, the course will be offered ONLINE at the agreed time.

Let us together ensure a safe environment and report it in time if you and / or your partner cannot meet the conditions.

[update 01-03-2020]

Janne's mom, second child
The conversation with Marieke contributes to the fact that I’m looking forward to give birth and gave me the feeling I have tools that I can hold on to. We talked about my first delivery and what I missed in it. She immediately knew how to turn this into positive action with regard to the upcoming birth. Her positivity and enthusiasm ensure a lively conversation in which you also have plenty of room to think carefully about your wishes... lees verder

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