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Lease your Birthpool

Lease your Birthpool

Born in water

Your baby has grown and matured in the amniotic fluid for 9 months. When a baby is born in water, it is the most gentle transition for your little one. It has no experience with (cold) air yet and, moreover, the oxygen supply via the umbilical cord remains active until a few minutes after birth. This allows you to meet each other under (warm) water. A special start that also offers many advantages for you.

What are the benefits for me?

When you surround yourself with warm water, it immediately gives you a relaxed feeling. Tension flows away because your muscles use the warmth to relax. In water you experience maximum freedom of movement and sometimes even weightlessness. When your abdomen is completely submerged, the comfortable water pressure around your abdomen also reduces pain transmission and increases the relaxation hormones endorphins and oxytocin. These are the most powerful benefits of giving birth in water.

Many women experience giving birth in water as very pleasant. It feels secure, warm and relaxed. You can adopt any desired position that feels good at that moment. A birthpool is developed with extra high wide walls, so that you are supported up to your shoulders. You create your own safe warm bubble for you and your baby.

When do I use a Birthpool?

A birthpool can be used throughout the entire birth process. For example at the start if you want to let your body relax as much as possible. Or during the opening phase to move more smoothly and easily and let yourself be lulled by the water. Some women like to have a bath in the final phase when the baby is about to be born. The heat of the water then supports your pelvic floor muscles during the birth of your baby.

You can see the birthpool as an attribute that you use when you need it. It is very common to get in and out of the pool, alternating the water with walking, sitting or resting in bed.

How does it work?

In principle, you use a birthpool for a home birth from 37 weeks.
At BellyBuddy you can choose from two types of birthing baths. Both pools come standard with an extensive bath package including a personal hygienic cover. You throw this cover away after giving birth.

You need about 60-90 minutes to set up the birthpool. Fifteen minutes for installing the birthpool and placing the personal hygienic cover and then another 45 minutes for filling with warm water. This depends on the water pressure.

Cleaning up takes about 1 hour. First you empty the bath with the submersible pump (30 min), then you throw away the cover and finally you drain the bath and fold it neatly (20 min).
"The transition from water to water is the most gentle
and stress-free way of birth."

Choose your Birthpool

Have you become enthusiastic and would you like to give birth in water? Book your own birthpool easily via the button below. You can indicate which birthpool you prefer on the reservation form.

Birth Pool in a Box

La Bassine Cocon


  • Minimum 3 full weeks
  • Automatic renewal
    (up to 3 weeks after your due date) 

I recommend to lease the Birthpool starting at week 37 of the pregnancy.

Please indicate your preference for the type of birthing pool when booking (while supplies last)


The Birthpool comes with the Bath Package (twv € 85,-)

This consists of:

  • Personal hygiene cover (disposable)
  • 10 meter supply hose
  • 10 meters of drain hose
  • Set of crane couplings for the most common cranes
  • Electric air pump
  • Electric submersible pump
  • Scoop net
  • Thermometer
  • Floor cover (disposable)
  • User manual

The Bath package needs to be returned (excluding the disposables).

  • € 149 for three full weeks
    • Incl bath package (€85)
  • Extension: € 25 per week

If the baby is not yet born before the end of the lease period, the lease period will automatically be extended to a maximum of 3 weeks after the due date.

  • A deposit of € 150 is charged for each lease period.
  • You will receive the deposit back on your bankaccount after a clean and timely return of the Birthpool & Bath package.
  • Any renewal fees will be deducted from the deposit.  

Cancellation is only possible for valid medical reasons by means of a written statement from the midwife or gynecologist.

  • Before the start of the lease period you will receive the lease sum minus € 25,- administration costs.
  • After the start of the lease period (or without valid reason), no reimbursement will be made.
  • However, you can claim reimbursement if the bath package has not been used (see below).
  • The deposit is always refunded according to the lease agreement

Read more in the lease agreement.

If the birthpool has not been used, for whatever reason, and the bath package (including the personal hygienic cover and floor cover) are unopened and not used.

Then you will receive € 30 return of the lease.

View the lease agreement for the Birthpool and Bath package here.

Lease your own Birthpool

Lease your own Birthpool