What does science say?

What does science say?

A positive experience from pregnancy to childbirth

The World Health Organization (WHO) published a report in 2018 that confirmed the importance of a positive experience concerning pregnancy and childbirth. According to the WHO, a positive experience with childbirth contributes to sustainable development target number three: ‘to ensure good health and promote well-being for all ages; both young as well as old.’

The WHO is a specialized organization
of the United Nations with the aim to:

map global aspects
of healthcare
promote the health of the
world population
coordinate health
care activities

High-quality maternity care

According to research performed by the WHO, being able to 'experience of proper healthcare' plays a crucial role when it comes to high-quality maternity care with better results for woman and child. As a principle, childbirth is a natural process that most women and children can experience without complications.

The Koninklijke Nederlandse Organisatie van Verloskundigen (KNOV: royal Dutch organization of midwives) agrees with this principle, because every woman deserves a positive experience regarding pregnancy and childbirth. The KNOV advocates that women can have babies in a secured and safe environment with an uninhibited access to medical and emotional care. According to the KNOV, “most pregnant women want to have a physiological (natural) childbirth during which they can make any decisions that arise themselves, even when medical treatment is required”.

The beginning of a healthy generation

Research shows that the first thousand days of a child's life are crucial for a healthy growth, short-term development, and even development at a later age regarding health and behaviour. Investing in a good start for mother and child thus results in greater benefits health-wise for future generations. The lifestyle, social environment and psychosocial situation of the mother influences, among other things, the development of the brain and the structure of the DNA of the (unborn) child. If this development does not progress properly, it can result in conditions later on such as cardiovascular disorders, breast cancer, but also may lead to addition and behavioural problems.

A child is already developing the unconscious brain in the womb and 'experiences' how the world works in its own manner. As parents and society, we can together contribute to a brighter start for a healthier generation.

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